20 months

this is a bit late but i still wanted to take a few minutes to write about how frederick changed in his 19th month. frederick amazes me every day with the new words he learns, things he knows, and things he can do.

this month he surprised me by spontaneously beginning to count to 10 (something i have never tried teaching him) which was completely adorable. he would be sitting in the corner playing with his toys and i would hear “wuuu, tooooo, teee, fo, fiiiive, seeeeks, sesse, eiiigh, niiii, tin!” of course he has since forgotten all numbers between 2 and 8 but that’s another story. now it’s just “eiiigh, niiii, tin”. and also ABCs are known in our house as EFGs because that is what he calls them.

he still is obsessed with all things ball-related. now it has extended to basketball hoops, which he has always loved. now every time i pull out a magna doodle or piece of paper his first request is that i draw a “hoooop”. i bought him a little basketball hoop that suctions to the sliding door and he throws every single ball we own through it every morning when he wakes up. i even gave in and bought him a cheesy shirt from target with a picture of a basketball hoop on it and he very proudly looks in the mirror or down at his shirt all day and smiles and yells because he loves it.

frederick this month developed a very strong connection to his blanket and it’s matching mini-blanket. it is cute to see him get excited to cuddle up with either, or both, of them when he gets tired or when he is waking up.

frederick has also become a bit of a parrot. he will try to repeat just about anything you point out or ask him to say. he’s getting very good at imitating different truck noises – beep beep, chug chug, woo woo woo, nee-nah nee-nah, honk honk. he has a little shark we play with in the bath that i always do the jaws du-duh du-duh noises for and then attack him and he loves it. now he does it to himself and it is hilarious. and for some reason when we gave him tilapia for dinner tonight and told him it was fish he started making the same noises – go figure! i guess all fish are after him now!

frederick also got his umpteenth (i’ve lost track) hair cut this month – at a real hair salon for kids! no more mom whacking at his hair! i am happy to say he sat very calmly while the woman very quickly and skillfully cut his hair. it helped that he got to watch a new TV show on the TV in front of him and that he got a sucker and prize afterward but really i went into it worried and was shocked at how well he did. those places really know their stuff and i think his hair looks great!

this month we had our first bout of the stomach flu which very conveniently coincided with a trip to utah for rowland’s wedding. i will spare the details but suffice it to say it was not a high point but we all survived! luckily we did a house swap with the merkleys while we were in utah so we had a big, beautiful, new house to stay in while we suffered it out instead of being cramped in a hotel room! we came back from our trip and were lucky to have taryn and beckham at our house for the week. the boys had a ton of fun at happy hollow, playing in the creek, shopping in the city, watching nemo (or meno or memo, depending on which one of them you ask), and chowing down. at happy hollow we (i?) incited a beckham-frederick hug that resulted in both boys falling in goat poop and frederick getting a nasty scrape on his head – oops! i hope these boys stay friends as they get older and continue to have fun memories together, they are such cute little buddies.

we are loving watching frederick grow up and become a little boy. we often play all day and wonder how he is still going when we are both exhausted, he is just a ball of energy! his smile is contagious and we can’t get enough of him. coming up in month 20: a trip to san diego, strawberry picking, swimming, beach time, & a trip to phoenix!

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19 months

frederick turns 19 months today. he is an awesome kid. we are amazed at his endless supply of energy, most likely fueled by the oftentimes massive quantities of food he consumes. his favorites lately are grapes, gnocchi, and vegan burrito bowls at chipotle. he has also grown a strong love for keys this past month. i got him an awesome toy with 6 doors and 6 coordinating keys and although it says ages 3+ he is loving it and actually figures out how to open the doors (after much trying). his other love this month: christian. all day it is “dada, dada, dada”. he lights up and runs to christian as soon as he gets home, he just cannot get enough of his dada. on mornings when christian has already left for work when frederick wakes up he wanders the whole house looking for him saying “dada? dada? bye bye! bye bye!”

this month we go to go see granny zidi and grandpa bruce, as well as tom, jill, and owen. we had such a great trip and although the plane rides were not frederick’s high point, he adjusted to east coast time and back like a champ. we had a great time exploring the new house in potomac and getting to see NC and spend time with owen. i don’t think the cousins quite get who the other is yet but they still seemed to get a kick out of observing one another.

frederick’s talking this month hasn’t changed much but i have noticed that he’s starting to say things like “hi mama” and “bye bye dada” instead of just one word at a time. i also swear he can say umbrella, although it comes out uh-buh-buh and christian doesn’t believe me. frederick finally (finally!) is getting to be a bit more affectionate. he will come up to you and hug your legs, and he loves laying on christian for brief cuddles.

frederick’s best new trick is his dancing. i discovered that singing “na na na na” in a certain rhythm induces immediate dancing and it is so incredibly cute. he loves to rock out in the car to anything with a beat, and he’s started spinning and trying to follow along to kid songs like itsy bitsy spider. i am just happy that my shyness about dancing has not yet seemed to show up in him because i love his little dance moves!

also kayla sent us a big box of stuff with peanuts this month and it has provided endless hours of entertainment, for us and frederick! he gets so excited to swim around in there!

he’s just an absolute joy and we love him!

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18 months

yesterday was frederick’s half birthday. he is such a big boy! at his 18-month appointment he came in at the 90th percentile for height & head circumference (not a surprise) and 20th percentile for weight. although i don’t think the weight is accurate because he was naked and freaking out on the scale. but he definitely is a bit of a string bean and i knew that he would measure tall based on the comments i get from other parents of kids around his age. the receptionist at the pediatrician’s office even wrongfully assumed he was there for his 2-year appointment! he checked out as a normal, healthy guy and for that i am grateful.

his past month he’s become a chatterbox who wanders around just talk talk talking. sometimes he’ll make the same sound over and over again but just change the volume. it is pretty darn cute! he’s becoming more and more opinionated as he’s able to tell us more of what he wants. and when he does something naughty he knows it because he’ll say ‘no no no’ and then just do it anyway! though i will say other than an occasional attempt at some daring move that he will get him hurt, he is a very behaved, mild-mannered kid (so far!).

by far our favorite thing recently has been watching frederick eat. he is an eating machine. he will still (knock on wood) eat just about anything. favorites lately are kiwi and spinach and just about anything else you put in front of his face! we can’t have drinks at the table or he’ll insist on having some. he’s getting great at eating with a fork and spoon, and drinking from a cup. sometimes we’ll have yogurt and blueberries, and he insists on very carefully placing a berry on top of each spoonful of yogurt. last night christian made him creamed spinach (a staple around here) and he insisted on putting a pea on top of each spoonful before he would eat it. needless to say, frederick wanting spinach with a pea on top was pretty much christian’s own version of heaven!

frederick has also become a little ball of energy lately. he is always running around the house helter-skelter, tripping, narrowly missing knocking his noggin on just about everything possible, and yammering his own funny babble. he looks like a little drunkie! he loves throwing balls, pounding kitchen utensils on every surface in the house, doing his sorting and stacking toys, playing with play doh, riding around the neighborhood on his bike, and creating disorder wherever he finds order. he also loves a video on youtube of cute baby animals (works like a charm when i need it) and got his first taste of sesame street recently. he sat with his eyes unblinking and his mouth hanging open for a good 5 minutes, to the point that his eyes started watering! then he snapped out of the trance and stopped watching, thank goodness!

we never could have expected that frederick would make our lives so fun and happy and we are having such a great time watching him grow up!

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17 months

frederick hit 17 months last week. he is such a funny kid! if i had to describe him in 2 words i think they would be independent and explorer. he is mr. independent – doesn’t want to be held, kissed, or told what to do. inside or outside he just wants to wander and explore. he loves to touch everything he sees on the ground outside – rocks, dirt, grass, sand, sticks, wood chips, and just be alone with his discoveries. he loves to sit and take things in and out, move them around, put them back. he loves going outside on his bike or for a ride on christian’s. the only time he wants you around is when he’s in the mood to read and he’ll bring book after book and insist on sitting on your lap while you read one after another. this usually takes up at least an hour in the afternoon. he knows which books have dogs, balls, or cars and those are always the ones he picks. he loves pointing out where the dog is, or making a car noise and pointing to the car. i would say his big favorites right now are Knuffle Bunny, Curious George Rides a Bike, and That’s Not My Car.

i feel like frederick’s talking has exploded this past month. he knows his animal sounds now for a sheep (ba ba ba), bee (zzzzz), goat (me me me), cow (ma ma), and horse (ne ne). his words generally end before the last consonant but we still know what he means – mi (milk), baw (ball), boo (book), daw (dog), bi (bike), gawk (rock), ba baw (basketball), bu (blueberry), mu (more), ba (bath), du (duck), bow (boat), nu (nose), mow (mouth), be bu (belly button). i’m sure to most people ba, boo, bi, bu, ba, and bow all sound the same but to me it is his own little funny language and they are each totally unique and amazing! he still doesn’t make a good “o” sound so we are working on him saying “owen” but yesterday he said a perfect “tessa” (usually it comes out as zezza). yesterday he started saying “me me me” when you are eating and he wants something – it was cracking us up. he also sings along to Hey Jude – na na na – and Barbara Ann – ba ba ba. and he’s learned to wag his finger and say “na na na na” at things he knows are no-nos.  it is so fun to get him talking and see what he knows!

my other favorite thing this month has been watching him be SO proud of himself. he has always been this way but this month as he’s starting to do a lot more – climb on things, put things away, do things himself – and he always gets this adorable smile on his face that just shows how incredibly proud he is of himself. it is amazing. his look is slightly mischievous and flirty but mostly just delighted.

as a side note frederick went into nursery at church two weeks ago instead of at the normal 18  months. this is because i got called to work in there so i get to bring him with me. he does great and even times when i’ve rotated out for an hour or so he hangs out without me there without problems. he is a trooper! they have lots of balls, cars, and snacks so he’s a happy camper.

suffice it to say we are as in love with him as ever. he’s our little buddy and we have so much fun with him.

next up – 18 months, which brings a half birthday and check up with the pediatrician. everyone says how big he is for his age but i think he is pretty average. although he does have a big old noggin so maybe that makes him look bigger.:)

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16 months

frederick turned 16 months this past saturday. he is getting to be such a big, smart, independent kid! as of a week or two ago he is pretty much a full-time walker – he walks like a little stiff robot zombie. you can see the pride in his face when he’s just wandering around our place by himself.

speaking of our place, we moved to palo alto back on january 15th. it was our best move yet (third time’s the charm i guess) and frederick seems to be taking it very well. he sleeps and naps well in his room despite the fact that it is brighter in there than his old room, loves going up and down the 3 stairs to the living room, loves the patio, loves his new bathtub – he is a happy kid here! i for one am glad he has a little outside space to explore and happy to be just 15 minutes from tessa.

another new development this month is that frederick has become a total daddy’s boy – he is always looking for christian and prefers him to me if we’re both around. this morning we were sitting eating oatmeal and he refused to accept any from my bowl but was begging christian for his – even though it was identical! i think this is due to the fact that christian takes him on long bike rides, trips to the playground, and rough houses with him – he loves all three and he loves his ah-da!

recent developments include saying “what’s that?” (wu da?) to just about everything, being even more obsessed with balls than i ever thought possible, and learning some new words and actions. he knows where most of the parts of his face are and his feet, he loves dogs, he makes a vrooom noise when he sees a car/bike/anything with wheels, and he says “go go” whenever he sees an airplane.

by far the craziest thing lately is his love of balls. i cannot tell you how much this kid loves balls. every morning when i’m listening to see if he is “really” awake, the first word i hear come out of his room is “BALL!” all day long it is “ball ball ball”. sometime i think he’s just saying it but then i’ll look around and see that, yes, that crane at the baby park does have a ball on it, or yes, the lights in our complex are shaped like balls. he is a ball sleuth!

his second current obsession is the container of cooking utensils next to the stove. he is in love with wooden spoons, spatulas, tongs, whisks. maybe he’ll be a cook like christian! he frequently wanders into the kitchen and squawks until you pull down the ceramic container so he can lovingly pull all the utensils out, bang them around on the floor and walls, put them back in, pull them back out, etc.

not to say all is positive but despite the beginnings of toddler tantrums and a somewhat unreliable nap schedule, frederick continues to be the joy of our lives. we couldn’t have asked for a better little buddy!

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15 months

frederick turned 15 months on december 22nd. we went in for a 15-month appointment and he is 23.5 lbs. and 31 inches tall, still just under 50th percentile for each. i didn’t ask on his head but it is safe to assume from appearances that it is still pretty big! he is quite the amazing little guy, always curious and busy. he still isn’t walking yet but sara made it her purpose during our christmas trip to phoenix to get him walking, and i am happy to say that he finally took his first steps! until today he had not even taken a single step, and now …

we are having a lot of fun with tessa & owen and all of the rest of our family here for christmas. cousins are the best! more pictures to come soon.

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14 months

frederick is still a hoot at 14 months. a few things to note:

1) he is still not walking, or even remotely interested in taking steps
2) he still LOVES balls, wakes up saying ball, and says ball all day long
3) his favorite foods are tofu, blueberries, & cottage cheese, but he will still eat literally anything (knock on wood)
4) his eyelashes are still ridiculously long

we had a fun last month – frederick attended not one, not two, but FIVE halloween celebrations, including a quick trick or treating expedition to avila street. every year they block it off and it is filled with families and kids, for the first time we actually got to experience it first-hand, it was pretty fun. tessa came too and the cousins had fun picking candy and seeing the other kids. this month frederick has also gotten very good at sleeping more – a good solid 3+ hours of naptime a day equals a very happy mama.

his favorite time of day is at night when we let him crawl around on the bed in his room in the nude – it is quite hard to even catch the little noodle to get a diaper & PJs on him. new tricks this month: covering his eyes to play peek-a-boo, (trying to) blow a kiss, (trying to) fold his arms, pushing a little chair around like a walker, holding up 1 finger when you ask how old he is, and last but not least, GIVING HUGS. his hugs are the best thing ever. he’s been anti-affection since about 6 months so this is a very exciting new thing for us and we love it.

we’re looking forward to this next month and all the new things he does. he never ceases to amaze us and make us want to just watch him all day.

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dc trip

we had a great trip to dc back at the beginning of october. the weather was great, not quite cold but not too hot. we enjoyed staying with granny zidi & grandpa bruce. sunday afternoon we had a few friends over and enjoyed the beautiful new deck at the house. we were happy to meet new little autumn, and also happy to squeeze in a visit with the jensens before they move to nicaragua.

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big head = big brain?

this morning was frederick’s official 1-year appointment (don’t worry, he is over 13 months … darn pediatrician’s office).

anyway, here are his stats:

weight: 21 lbs. 6 oz. (25th percentile)
height: 29.5 inches (25th percentile)
head circumference: 19.5 inches (90th percentile)

i already knew he had a big head, and i think it is super cute. the doctor re-measured it himself, which they’ve done the last 3 times we’ve been in, because they don’t believe the nurse’s measurement. christian was at the appointment with us and the doctor looked at him and said, “do you have a big head? i think you do, i can’t tell with all that hair.” and then proceeded to measure christian’s head and conclude that he does, in fact, have a huge head, and so he isn’t one bit worried about frederick’s big head. nor am i.:)

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13 months

at 13 months frederick is doing great. he is not walking yet but he is a major furniture cruiser and a surprisingly fast crawler. i am not too anxious for him to walk, but i was bummed to see that he scuffed the living daylights out of his new shoes on the concrete at the park the other day. tomorrow we (finally) go in for his one year check-up so i’m excited to see his stats. these days i often get “wow, he is big” after i tell people he is 13 months old. which always surprises me because i got so used to hearing the opposite when he was younger!

we had a fun trip to DC this month to visit granny zidi & grandpa bruce. we had a great time spending time with them and seeing other friends in the area. frederick was treated like a king by granny zidi, he even took bruce’s chair at the head of the table, we called it the throne.

one of his only word these days is “ball”, which is appropriate because he is obsessed with balls. if he sees anything that remotely resembles a ball (such as an apple, a pea, a circle, an olive, a bunch of grapes) or an actual ball, he starts saying “ball ball ball ball ball” until you take him to it or give it to him. it comes out more like “ba ba ba” but occasionally the l’s make it on the end. once he gets a ball he gets very excited, hugs it, holds it over his head, drop/throws it, watches it roll across the entire house (our floors are very un-level) and chases after it.

another word that i heard sometimes, but not as frequently, is “book” which comes out like “boo” (not boo as in halloween boo but boo as in book without the k sound at the end). his second love to balls is books. he loves to pull every last book from his basket of books. he tosses the less desirable (i.e. no fun flaps/textures) books to the wayside and goes straight for his favorites. he’ll sit and “read” them himself for an hour or more in the morning while i work, or sometimes he likes to bring me them to read to him while he sits on my lap.

if he sees a book with pictures of balls, you better believe the “ba ba ba”s reach a new intensity.

so because of the “ba ba ba”s i hear all day long, i decided to dress him as a sheep/lamb this year. it’s pretty darn cute, i am not going to lie.

another new trick is waking up at 5:30 sharp every morning. let me tell you, it is awesome (insert sarcasm). other than the early waking, he is a joy. the other day at dinner, christian said “every time i look at him i have a feeling of pure joy, do you think that is normal?” it is true. pure joy.

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